Arts, Culture & HISTORY

We invite you to stroll through neighborhoods discovering our numerous captivating outdoor sculptures or take in a performance from one of our theatre companies featuring multiple performances throughout the year. We even encourage you to take a hands-on approach and consider creating a masterpiece of your own.

Steel Horses (Peter Busby) Austin Ranch

Kaleidoscapes (Citizens of The Colony) City Hall

Kinetic Moving Sculpture - Austin Ranch - Plaza de La Luna

Austin Ranch

6900 Sumner Street
The Colony, TX 75056
Phone: 972-820-8000
Austin Ranch Website

Austin Ranch is an up-scale, master-planned community flourishing with homes, offices, retail, restaurants, trails and world-renowned art pieces encompassed in a serene area of rolling hills, towering oaks, and scenic views. While you're visiting The Colony, be sure to stop by to appreciate their captivating collection featuring more than 15 pieces created by an accumulation of brilliant artists. For more information on specific pieces and their locations, please visit Austin Ranch's website.


Originally the house was constructed in Lewisville, but after years of neglect and poor location, city council members began to search for a company to sponsor the home's growing repair list.  In 2004 Lucy Billingsley shared her vision with council members to relocate the house to the community of Austin Ranch and renovate it into an extended stay hotel for travelers or events.

Spencer House in Austin Ranch

barney smith's toilet seat art museumBarney Smith’s Toilet Seat Art Museum

5959 Grove Lane
The Colony, TX 75056

View over 1,400 decorated toilet seats, the life's work of retired master plumber Barney Smith. Each themed seat represents a moment in time and is comprised of found objects, hand lettering, and drawings. The museum is free to enter and located on the second floor of Truck Yard. Barney Smith's Toilet Seat Art Museum makes the Fox 4 DFW Texas To-Do List

Toilet Seat Art Museum inside Truck Yard

Lakeside Community Theatre

6303 Main Street
The Colony, TX 75056
Phone: 214-801-4869
Lakeside Community Theatre Website

Lakeside Community Theatre has been entertaining The Colony with various theatrical productions since 2001 and exists exclusively for charitable, artistic and educational purposes. Astounding performances are brought to you courtesy of The Colony citizens. Check out the upcoming show today! Visit the Lakeside Community Theatre website for more information.

Dallas Silk ArtDallas Silk Art

5768 Grandscape Boulevard #195
The Colony, TX 75056
Dallas Silk Art Website

Explore the ancient art form of water marbling at Dallas Silk Art. The gallery features traditional hand-dyed fabrics and accessories, as well as more modern 3D materials and home decor. Learn how to create your own treasure with Dallas Silk Art's workshops and private events. This one-of-a-kind experience offers an interactive and therapeutic activity for all ages.

Stained Glass Unlimited

7332 Main Street
The Colony, TX 75056
Phone: 972-625-3416
Stained Glass Unlimited Website

This unique shop creates custom stained glass windows and beveled, etched art glass for the entire community. Be sure to experience their showroom, public art pieces on display in front of The Colony City Hall or sign up for instructional classes covering topics such as copper foil, lead, lamps, and fusing.

Take a look inside Stained Glass Unlimited

The Colony Public Library - Local History Collection

6800 Main Street
The Colony, TX 75056
Phone: 972-625-1900
The Colony Public Library Website

The Colony Public Library's Local History Collection focuses on the rich heritage and history of the area of southeast Denton County that is now The Colony. The collection offers researchers, genealogists and the general public the opportunity to access a wide range of historical documents, photographs, and electronic resources, as well as the largest collection of historical Denton County and Peters Colony maps in the area. For more information or to view the collection, please visit The Colony Public Library.

Henry Oliver HedgecoxeHenry Oliver Hedgecoxe

Henry Oliver Hedgecoxe, pictured to the right, was hired by Willis Stewart in approximately 1845 to be the office manager and chief surveyor for the Peters Colony Land Grant Company, whose headquarters were in the present-day area of The Colony. On July 16, 1852, armed colonists raided the Peters Colony offices, where they seized Hedgecoxe's files and ordered him to leave the settlement. This event later became known as the Hedgecoxe War. Please visit The Colony Public Library to find out why the colonists exiled Hedgecoxe. Photo courtesy of the Plano Public Library.


6421 Morning Star Drive
The Colony, TX 75056
Phone: 972-625-1900

The gravestones pictured to the left are those of Mildred Bridges and her youngest son, David C. Bridges and are located at Bridges Cemetery in The Colony. The cemetery is named after the Bridges family, John and Mildred and their sons, David and William, who settled in the area in 1843. Photo courtesy of Megan Charters.

Although Bridges Cemetery is a closed cemetery, the Local History Committee hosts an annual open house in the spring where the cemetery gates are open to the public and committee members are on hand to answer questions about the cemetery. A virtual tour of the cemetery can be viewed anytime.

Veteran’s Memorial

Veteran's Memorial

4100 Blair Oaks Drive
The Colony, TX 75056
Phone: 972-625-1106

Visit the Memorial to Veterans of the Armed Services located within The Colony Five Star Complex. The concept of the Veteran's Memorial began in 2003, with The Colony Masonic Lodge Number 1451's commitment to recognize and honor all Veterans.

Bricks around the cenotaph display Veterans of the past, present and future and consist of the name, rank, branch of the military, and years of service for both active personnel and honorably discharged veterans.

9-11 Memorial Steel9-11 Memorial Steel

3400 Plano Parkway
The Colony, TX 75056
Phone: 972-625-3944

Observe a significant piece of history that set the country on a course of change. A fragment of steel from the World Trade Centers is available for all to view. Great consideration was given to designing every aspect of the 9-11 Memorial that encompasses the steel from the World Trade Centers. The fragment is situated on a strip of red concrete to represent the firefighters that serve all across the nation and four trees grow as a symbol of continuing life for those that have perished on the planes. These are just some of the many thoughtful details included within the memorial that continues to pay respect to the lives lost on September 11, 2001.

The Colony Fire Department is committed to honoring the fallen and fulfilling their duty to share this history with all residents and visitors. For more information, please visit the 9-11 Memorial Steel Website.