The Power of Travel

Tourism is more than people staying in local hotels and eating at restaurants, it creates jobs and drives the local economy.

From 2011-2019, the travel industry experienced a decade of expansion however the industry was among the hardest hit by the pandemic in 2020.

Initial estimates reveal that in 2020 direct travel spending in Texas was $56.9 billion – a decline of -31.5% from 2019. This decreased travel spending resulted in a loss of -$53.5 billion in economic activity.

Although the pandemic will continue to impact the travel industry for many years, there are signs of recovery. See the effects of travel on The Colony and the “Power of Travel” in Texas.

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National Travel and Tourism Week, May 2-8, 2021

Established in 1983 by a congressional resolution, National Travel and Tourism Week (NTTW) is the annual celebration of travel in America. During the first full week in May, the travel industry nationwide unites around a common theme to showcase travel’s contributions to the U.S. economy and jobs. In 2021, the travel industry is celebrating the “Power of Travel” to remind media, elected officials, and the public how the power of travel will help drive America's recovery. #nttw21 #PowerOfTravel


  • Direct Travel Spending: Purchases by travelers during their trip, including lodging taxes and other applicable local and state taxes, paid by the traveler at the point of sale.
  • Direct Employment: Employment associated with the below earnings; this includes both full- and part-time positions of wage and salary workers and proprietors averaged annually. Employment includes CARES act support, data limitations prevent disaggregation.
  • Direct Earnings: The earnings (wage and salary disbursements, earned benefits and proprietor income) of employees and owners of businesses that are attributable to travel expenditures. Earnings include CARES act support, data limitations prevent disaggregation.
  • Direct Tax Receipts: Tax receipts collected by state, counties and municipalities, as levied on applicable travel-related purchases, including lodging, food and beverage service, retail goods and motor fuel.