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Geocaching in The Colony

The Colony Convention and Visitors Bureau (TCCVB) has hidden multiple caches at different sites around the city to give tourists and residents an adventurous alternative to exploring all the wonderful amenities in our city - and we challenge you to find them. The coordinates for the locations of each cache is published on the official geocaching website.

What is Geocaching?

Geocaching 101: Geocaching is a treasure hunt game using a Global Positioning System (GPS). Individuals and organizations hide "treasures" or geocaches in various locations around the world and share those locations on the official Geocaching website. Participants enter the ZIP code for the area in which they would like to hunt for geocaches. Geocache hunters plug the location coordinates or "waypoint" into their GPS units to find the hidden geocaches. Once found, a geocache may provide the visitor with a wide variety of treasures. If a treasure is found, the visitor is encouraged to replace it with something of equal value they've brought along for the next visitor to find. Geocachers then have the option of reporting their found geocache online, so others can track. With more than one million active geocaches world-wide, the treasures are endless.

How to Play

  1. Visit the Geocaching website and register for a free Basic Membership
  2. Click "Hide and Seek a Cache"
  3. Scroll down to the section titled "Other Search Options" and enter TCCVB in the space next to "Hidden by Username" and click "go" to find all the caches hidden by The Colony CVB
  4. All TCCVB caches will be titled "TCCVB Number 1 - Cache Name" (Live Example: TCCVB Number 1 - Everything's Grand)
  5. Determine the coordinates for all TCCVB caches by clicking on each cache's name and enter the coordinates in your GPS device
  6. Locate the caches, if treasures are present - collect one, leave behind something of equal or lesser value for the next visitor to find, sign the logbook and then return the cache to its original location